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PVC leather for 0.7mm furniture and sofa Business through internet

Nowadays, Internet has become a necessary tool for communication in all walks of our life.
On trading business, Email is becoming one of the necessary ways for the communication of people in their daily lives because of its convenient and the low cost characteristics. 
In our company, there are about 50% customers who cooperated with through internet, here we wanna share a customer who come from a furniture factory in Africa, he had cooperate with us since 2013, we got their company inquiry from interest, and we sent our company profile and sample items for his reference first, he ineterested on 0.7mm PVC leather for furniture and sofa, we quoted him our price and sent our sample to his office for checking quality  
However, when he received our samples, we discussed several times by mail & on line chatting, we know more and more each other, About 1 month, we get his order finally, Still now, he still place orders regular to our company
At a meeting, we asked him, why he chosed our company from many suppliers in China
He said: Business is base on good quality, good price, good service, which our company can satisfy to him So, he didnt wanna break our relationship even he get cheaper price from other supplier