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New product of EPU


A busy week for making samples for customers. As customers' requests, we are making our new items samples, EPU Leather and technology leather which are durable, soft, high standard. Technicial details are as following:

1. 5 years hydrolysis.

2. Outstanding waterproof and breathability.

3. touch sense:soft、delicate and smooth,strong genuine leather effeat.

4. Special treatment on the surface for high anti-abrasion andscratch proof,Martindale test over 100,000 cycles.

5. Perfect color fastness ability with dry or wet rub,color fastness reaches level 4 or above,perapiration resistance.

6. Pass Europe REACH191 test.

Product Name: Technology Leather
(Specification):    54"*1.2mmApplication:Sofa    FurnitureDate:2018/12/12
NO.Inspection ItemUnitReference ValueRemark
1Fabric Widthcm≥138Edge Cut for the Finished Product
2Fabric Thicknessmm1.2±0.1 
3Tensile Loadlongitude DirectionN/3CM≥200
Latitude Direction≥200
4Breaking Elongationlongitude Direction%≥20
Latitude Direction≥30
5Tear Loadlongitude DirectionN≥15
Latitude Direction≥15
6Peeling Load N/3CM≥18
7Sewing HolesNo breaking & grinning after sewing/OK
8AbrasionMartindale100,000 cycyesOK 
9Color FastnessDry RubLevel≥4 
Wet Rub≥3.5 
10Hydrolysis    Resistance70"C*95%RH5WNo crack & pulverization 
11Deflection ResistanceNormal Temperature100,000 cycylesNo crack 
12Ventilation Prropertyml/h.cm2≥4000Quick Test by Sparging Ventilate Device
13Burst Strengthkg/cm2≥15For Reference
14Flexibility 5~7
15LeadISO 11885: 2009ppm≤40Enviromental Detection
16CadmiumISO 11885: 2009ppm≤75
17MethanalGBT 19941-1: 2005ppm≤75