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20 Companies' Competitive Advantage


1. Our company produce artificial leather over 20 years

2. We work on internet marketing over 9 years

3. We have rich import and export experiece to all over the world

4. We are golden supplier on Alibaba in good reputation So, with us your money in safe, your business in safe

5. Our daily production is 50,000-100,000meters which can make sure the exact delivery date

6. We participate in many exhibitions at home and abroad, like GUANGZHOU, America, Germany, Dubai, Poland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand etc

7. Our products can pass highest REACH (SVHC 191 subtances)

8. We can produce the leather with UK BS5852 fireproof

9. Abrasion resistance can be over 100,000 cycles

10.Color fastness with dry rub and web rub can be over level 4

11.Low temperature Resistance below 20℃

12.Hydrolysis Resistance 5 years

13.Yellowing resistance have no any color changed in 48hours on 50℃

14.Enviromental can pass heavy metal, Phthalates, Methanal detection

15.We can produce good waterproof, breathable leather

16.We can produce good acid-resistance & antifouling leather

17.We have produced several generations technology leather

18.In 2019 we have developed EPU (solvent-free)synthetic leather which is used for sofa furniture and decoration with new high technologyabandons traditional solvent extraction method and volatilization method

19.We are OEM (Original Entrusted Manufacture) manufacturer for customers

20.We have been materials supplier for many famous brand in the world, like Wal-Mart, Bravo, H&M, ZARA, Coach etc...